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Hello! I’m George!

Ever since I remember myself I was always passionate about people, stories and images. I discovered the beauty of cinema at a very young age and that was it. I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Tell stories; stories about real people. Growing up I understood that filmmaking is a way to get into people’s minds and hearts and to bring people together. That life is moments, fragments of time we never forget.

What I love most is to capture these moments and turn them into a film that will keep them alive forever. For me a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of love and feelings. And the perfect opportunity to do what I love. To set out on a unique adventure with the couple, their family and friends that will end with the creation of a beautiful film that they can watch over and over again!


  • Q. Would you travel to film weddings outside Greece?

    A. One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to travel around the world, meet new people and cultures and tell stories with my camera! So, hell, yeah! I will travel to the most insane place to film a wedding. I’ll even go with you on a safari and stand right next to an alligator to film you, if I have to! (True story).

  • Q. Do you work alone or with a team?

    A. I prefer working alone and portray the wedding through a single perspective. Every wedding is unique, just like people. So, what I do is follow my instinct in order to choose the right perspective and the best way to narrate each couple’s story! But there are times when an assistant can make everything easier for me since I can focus on you without having to worry about technical details like batteries, microphones etc. that may distract me from the moment! My goal is to tell the story of you, your family and friends who have gathered for this unique celebration of life through my personal perspective and aesthetics.

  • Q. Will you film the wedding party or only the ceremony?

    A. Partying is one of my specialties. I am the grooviest guy you can find, but when it comes to your wedding, well, it’s not just the party, right? This is not why you get married, is it? You get married because you love each other and you want to have a family. Of course you want to celebrate, I get that. But life is not just a party, and for me a wedding is so much more than a party. It is the reflection of one’s life in one day! Ι hope you agree with me! That said, of course I will be there filming the best party of your lives. I wouldn’t want to miss that!

  • Q. Will you give us any directions?

    A. I‘d love to help you with your wedding and find professionals that will make your dream come true. But, when it comes to filming your wedding, I just want you to feel relaxed and be yourselves. After all, it’s your story I want to tell!

  • Q. Would you like to reserve you a seat at our wedding table?

    A. Of course not! I can sit on the grass or wherever. And no worries about food either. I always have my lunchbox full of Greek delicacies. Even people with the most amazing wedding receptions end up “intoxicated” by the wonderful aromas of my Greek food! But, please, don’t ask me to share my food… George does not share food!

  • Q. Is the equipment important?

    A. Well, there is no straight answer to this question. In cinematography, let alone in documentary filming, such as wedding filming, the best equipment is the one that will help you get the result and the shot you want! If an iPhone can help you tell the story, then, why not? But you don’t need to worry about the equipment. The only thing that you should care about is what really matters; have fun and enjoy these moments that you will remember for the rest of your lives. It’s all about your unique story!

  • Q. What will we have to do during our wedding?

    A. I just want you to be yourselves and trust me to do what I love most!
    Tell your story through my eyes.

  • Q. Why choose you?

    A. Since you are reading this, you tell me!

Seminars & Workshops

Expect of wedding I make other project. Commercial, personal. I make seminars in Greece and all over the world.

  • 21.02.2018

    Award winner of five categories in the world event Videomakers association WEVA with the film the wonder of you.

    1st place in editing
    1st place in Sound production
    2th place in best Highlight
    3th place best videographer in the world
    4th place in best cinematography

    visit show
  • 06.01.2018

    Twelve filmmaker all over the world one from Greece! I am honoured to be no only one of the Twelve Judges of the world but to be among the tree super judges of the world of 2018! One of the most higher honer for a filmmaker!

    visit show
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