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If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I’m a filmmaker who loves travelling, meeting new people and learning their stories. It’s people that give me the chance and the privilege to film the beauty and the emotions of their special moments! Thanks to you, I am fortunate enough to be able to make my vision a reality by depicting your personal story, your most important moments through a unique and truthful perspective.
Together we can make the most beautiful film of your life! Your wedding film!


We see better with the heart and our senses. Films are the only way to activate more than one sense at the same time. A film is much more than a frame, it is motion in time, it is sounds you can hear, it is the feelings that flow while you watch it. It is your chance to engage the moment with all your senses. Why settle for less?

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In every memory, I’m there… in beautiful moments, with reality spinning like a lie and me wondering… Is it a dream?

Your eyes, like a caress, carry me away in that unique world.

And that look… Lighting up my soul,

embracing me in a warmth that I thought I’d never feel again… Like the one lost with the pain, the fear that it will happen again.

Deep down, there, among pictures, moments, the time that flies, where now seems like after, and before? Is it gone?… Everything is tangled up in a mixture of life in a flashback. Did I live? Or did I not?

But this is where I belong. In the most vivid mark of your arms that hold me through life… in peace with you.

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The Wonder Of You – Wedding Highlight

There is no biggest acquisition in life than friends and family.
People say that the more difficult it is to find true love, the easier it is to recognize it.Margarita and Crispin are the definition of true love and this is crystal clear the moment you meet them.


Margarita & Crispin


Wow! We just watched the wedding movie you made for us and words cannot express the feelings your work evokes. Looking back the whole experience feels like the most wonderful dream to us and you have captured it beautifully. Your work is subtle, sensitive, brave, artistic and innovative. You have managed to capture so many of the special moments and the emotions that we were all feeling in a completely unique format. Our guests have commented that they didn’t even realize we were shooting footage and this is testament to your style – you were present the whole time, yet somehow always managed to be invisible too. In addition to bringing us your special gift with the camera you also brought your warm and generous heart. We couldn’t be happier with your work but more importantly we are honored to be able to call you our friend. Please tell anyone that is considering hiring you to call us. They will not be disappointed.



From our very first Skype chat with George, we knew that he would be the perfect filmmaker for our wedding. He made us feel at ease, relaxed and above all, like a friend we had known for years.

We fell in love with his unique style, the way he seized those tender, precious moments and how he relives the atmosphere and feel through his work.
Each time we watch our film, we notice something new. George managed to somehow capture the feelings we felt during our wedding day and project them onto the screen. Anyone who watches our film is completely immersed. They feel that they are actually there, watching these moments go by.

George is a master of his craft. His vision and passion translates into his work and we are truly grateful to him for creating this masterpiece for us!

Nathalie & Tim

Wedding in Santa Barbara California

Tim and I wanted to sincerely thank you George for putting together the most beautiful, creative wedding day video.
We truly enjoyed filming with you and appreciate the countless hours of work that you dedicated to our special film.
We will always watch the video of our special day with fondness and we thank you for helping us remember that day forever!

Katrina & Andrew

From England to Mykonos

What can we say about George?
Should we refer to his kindness or his professionalism?
One thing is sure! His creations cannot be described with words, only with emotions that flows you when you see the film!

I would never think of anyone else being a part of our wedding day. To capture all the emotions and the craziness of this amazing days at Mykonos and combine with unique perspective of George it gives as a remarkable legacy, ours wedding film!

George we felt an instant connection since the first time we met. You was more like a friend to us!
Your film was a unique gift, a heritage of our special day!

Abi & Christos


Your work is so beautiful and touching. It moved my heart and moved me to tears when we see the film. We loved it so much, I cannot overstate our happiness. It is so much more than we expected and hoped for. It makes me so happy, and I have come back to it many times to lift my spirits and relive our wedding weekend, if only briefly. It is a perfect and real reminder of our special day.

Christos and I are very grateful that you were a part of our union. You were so giving and open throughout the process, and every bit of your patience, passion and hard work comes through in the short twelve and a half minutes. It’s spectacular. Another wonderful gift. Thank you George, you are special.

Nayia & Nick

From Canada To Athens

George was amazing throughout the entire wedding! He made us feel at ease from our very first meeting. During the wedding he was kind, patient, professional and passionate about his work. He is extremely talented and such a great person – we felt so lucky to have him be a part of our special day. And of course the wedding video is spectacular! Thank you so much George, you are an incredible person!

Vicky & Christos

Wedding in Folegandros

George´s kindness and warm smile, as well as how likeable he is, made us feel like he was an old friend we haven´t seen in a long time from the first time we met.
We would never imagine someone else being a part of our wedding celebration. His ability to move silently and at the same time become a part of our story resulted to a wonderful movie which we will own forever.

George is very talented and we really feel very lucky we chose him to tell the story of the most important day of our lives!

A wedding is a celebration of love and feelings. A moment that captures the essence of your entire life. The reflection of your life in one day! It is a time when all your friends and family come from all over the world to celebrate your commitment to life. It is an adventure that starts on the day when two people decide to become one! It is the emotions that you are lucky enough to feel only once in your life! Being part of it and being trusted to make a timeless film of this celebration of life is more than I could ever wish for! These videos reflect my perspective, my beliefs on what wedding is and what really matters in life!

For me, the wedding day is the reflection of our life in one day!