K&R – Over The Love

Katie & Roubesh you are a wonderful couple filled with joy, Love and great energy!For the moment I met you I knew that we would have  a great experience in Corfu and  some awesome moments at your wedding…Thank you very much for this opportunity to be your cinematographer at your big day! It was an exceptional wedding for many reasons..So many relates and friends from different culture and countries were gathered to celebrate your love..! A great thanks to Anna Sourbadi the event company for the all the organisation, the superb decoration and the friendly company as well. In this wedding I had the pleasure to work with penelope photo! And last i want to thank you Emily Carlsson, Carlsson Portfolio for everything. With your friendly approach ,you made my work easier. You did an excellent job there and I think that we all had a great time!

Katie & Roubesh I wish you alls the best and i hope that you will have a great journey!

 Kathrin & Roubesh Location : Corfu


You are do gorgeous Katie ! WE will make a party to celebrate our 10 y wedding with Marie. In Burgundy on May or more probably in June. WE really hope to havé both of you with us. We’ll keep you posted. Des bises. Romain et Marie

George Zorbas

Katie & Roubesh It was my pleasure to be you cinematographer on you big day! I had a great time and i enjoyed!
I’m really happy that you like it! Thank you so mach for everything!!!


Thank you sooooo much George!!! Best teaser ever, cannot wait to see the complete video!!!

George Zorbas

Thank you Emily! It was a bountiful experience to work with you. I’m so happy to be a part of this great wedding!


You did an amazing job, I can’t wait to see the video.

George Zorbas

Eleni thank you..I’m happy that you liked it!

George Zorbas

Anna it was a pleasure to work with you too..!thank you very much for your help and approach!
It was on of the best weddings that i’ve been…and I think that all had a great time there.
Thank you!

George Zorbas

Penelope,thank you for your kind words… It was a great time that we had in Corfu..!
Roubesh & Katie are a wonderful couple with lots of humour and love and I wish the best!

Incredibly beautiful, amazing work George!

I am more than happy that we worked together, our first collaboration was beyond imagination, can’t wait for the video !
Amazing teaser!

Thank you , thank you , thank you!

Penelope Christodoulidis

Delighted :) .
Great work George, as always.
We lived unforgettable moments in this beautiful wedding !
I wish R+Κ to always live so intensely every moment, to share the light of their hearts and always have this wonderful humour.

George Zorbas

Vana Thank you so mach! I’m happy that you like it! Take care!

Brilliant work George, once again. Fantastic teaser!

M&N – Memories

From London to Athens,

Friends and family and the happy couple Myrsini and Nikos gathered for a welcome drink at Thyseio the night before the wedding. The night was peaceful with lot of laughs and fun and for the very first moment I felt very intimate. It has to do with the love that Myrsini and Nikos gives you unconditionally.

The next day, “the big day”, a very different climate prevailed. Brothers and his friends and to my surprise the groom sang together live for all the guests! The party started at once and everyone had a good time!Despite the great party, I will never forget that the couple was surrounded with love and truly happiness from all the family and friends. So I came to think at the moment  that If you give love, you take love!

Niko and Myrsini thank you very much for all the great moments that we spent in Athens. I really felt a part from your love and happiness.Thank you for the opportunity and trust that you gave me to do something unique for you that will follow you for life.

This is your teaser-trailer of your wedding, “Memories”. Wish you all the best and hope you enjoy it.


Myrsini & Nick  Location : Athens Photographer: WedArt


S&M – Sunset

I was in Klymnos 4 days and Michael (the groom) performed as a Dj the day before the weeding on the beach for his  friends and family that came from all over the world (Australia, England, New York, France etc)  for this wedding. it was something  that you don’t see to happen very often, It was a great experience. It was the first time also that i work with Photographer Adonis Kekidakis, and I have to admit that he is a great person and a fantastic photographer. Adonis thank you for the amazing company.

Finally to my couple Sofia and Michael, thank you for your wiliness, thank you for letting me  be a part of this wedding and have the chance to know you better. You are a remarkable couple and i wish you all the best!

Sofia & Michael  Location : Kalymnos Photographer: Adonis Kekidakis

Konstantinos & Sofia Pashali

Καταπληκτικές δουλειές!!! Φοβερό κάδρο ,δυνατή αισθητική και μοναδική μουσική !!Οι ταινίες σας διαθέτουν μια ”ποιητική ματιά” κατά την γνώμη μας! Ενα μεγάλο μπράβο….συνεχίστε ετσι !!!

George Pal

πολύ πολύπλοκη δουλειά !!!
Πολλά συγχαρητήρια !


Thank you Giorgo, you are an incredible filmmaker and we were so honoured to have you capture our wedding. Σοφία και Μιχάλη x

R&S – Together

It feels like yesterday that I was in Italy and had a call from Rozy, about the cinematography of their wedding! From the first Skype meeting where I met Simos too, I felt the great love that they have and special vibes to me. They trusted me completely from the first second.As a cinematographer I feel very lucky when couples trust me completely for what i do as I’m not usually keen on all the brand names or decorations… I like to capture people’s reactions and behaviour in order to tell the story!

The day of the wedding was a unique experience for all of us. The unstopable rain, create a feeling of anxiety and stress to the couple. I tried to make the couple feel more pleasant but then came ‘The Amazing Yiannis Alefantou. He lighted our hearts and made us laughing a lot. Yiannis is an amazing man, an exceptional artist, and in my opinion “The Story Teller”. He is in one of the two men that are responsible for me being here! I’m very gratefully friend and hope that everything is going to be ok for you and your family.

Rozy your sweetness and goodness are unique and Simos my friend…no words…You are a unique couple, I’m glad that you love each other so much and hope that you will always be very happy and have great time!

And one last thing.. όλο comiida, comida, travaho  και λίγο ρε…

 Rozy & Simos Location : Athens

George Zorbas

Να είστε πάντα καλά παιδιά, χαρούμενοι όπως σας είδα με όλους τους ανθρώπους που που έχετε γύρω σας να σας αγαπούν!
Σας ευχαριστώ για όλα, !!!

Simos & Rozy

Και εκει που κανουμε διακοπες μας παιρνει ο Γιωργος και μας λεει οτι το teaser μας ειναι ετοιμο……το βλεπουμε, και ετσι απλα στην παραλια στους 40 βαθμους αρχιζουμε και κλαιμε.
Γιωργο ειμαστε εντυπωσιασμενοι πως μεσα σε δυο λεπτα χωρεσες τοσα συναισθηματα. Θυμομαστε και εμεις εκεινη μας την συνομιλια στο skype που κρατησε ωρα και ειμασταν τοσο βεβαιοι και χαρουμενοι που θα εισαι μαζι μας την μερα του γαμου μας.
Ξαναζωνταψες ολα τα συναισθηματα που ειχαμε εκεινη την μερα…..χιλια ευχαριστουμε για την υπεροχη δουλεια σου, ανυπομονουμε για το ολοκληρωμενο ταινιακι….που μαλλον θα κοιταμε καθε μερα.
Εκτος απο φοβερος κινηματογραφιστης εισαι ενας υπεροχος ανθρωπος και ειμαστε πολυ χαρουμενοι που σε γνωρισαμε!!!!
S&R :) )))))

A&C – I love you

From the first time that I had the chance to be Abi’s and Christos’s cinematographer I was very excited and I’m really glad to meet them both and be at their wedding.Abi & Chris are special kind of people with many virtues. An amazing couple with lot of love for each other and so much energy!!!IBoth of them and the people around them were very moved,happy and amusing! The respect that they had to everyone around them really impressed me.I really enjoyed every moment beside Abi & Christos and I felt very lucky because I had the chance to work with Friends.An excellent and very capable and cooperative wedding planner Vana Efkleidou (White Ribbon) who made everything possible.A good friend and an amazing photographer who I really admire and always excites with his work Thanasis Kaiafas.

Abi and Chris thank you very much for everything! You are such beautiful people from inside and outside. Hope that you always be happy and loved!!!

Abi & Christos  Location : Corfu


Lovely preview. I watched it with pleasure :)

George Zorbas

Abi it is never late for such beautiful comment!
Thank you from the heart for your kind and honorable words. You are one of the best couple anyone could have and work with! I feel really blessed that I was part of the union and really lucky to meet you!
Thank you, thank you thank you, really, your wedding, the time we spent in Corfu and you guys will be unforgettable.
I was filled with lots of emotions while I made your Wedding trailer..! It never came into mind that there would be such respect and love between all the relates and fiends.
Abi and Chris I wish you the very best from my heart and I hope that you will remain such wonderful people as you are now..!
Thanks very much for everything!


George, I sincerely apologize for our lateness in responding to the teaser, it is not for a lack of love or appreciation for your amazing work. The teaser is so beautiful and touching. It moved my heart and moved me to tears. We loved it so much, I cannot overstate our happiness. It is so much more than we expected and hoped for. It makes me so happy, and I have come back to it many times to lift my spirits and relive our wedding weekend, if only briefly. It is a perfect and real reminder of our special day. We can’t wait to see more. Christos and I are very grateful that you were a part of our union. You were so giving and open throughout the process, and every bit of your patience, passion and hard work comes through in the short two and a half minutes. It’s spectacular. Another wonderful gift. Thank you George, and please send our love to Mikhail as well. You are special.

George Zorbas

George, Πάντα θαύμαζα την δουλειά σου και είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος οταν γράφεις στο blog μου! Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

george pahountis

απιστευτα καδρα George!

George Zorbas

Kadija, what a nice expression! I appreciate it, thank you!


OMG!!! What a masterpiece. Great Job :)

George Zorbas

Oh Lisa! Your words make me so happy! Thank you so mush!

Lisa Owusu

Oh my goodness George! This is amazing and stunning and beautiful and poignant. And just fills the heart with love! Thank you! Just fantastic!

George Zorbas

I’m so glad that you like it Wande! Thank you!


Absolutely touching and so beautiful.

George Zorbas

Thank you Ayesha, i appreciate it!


This preview is beautiful and emotional. Great work!

George Zorbas

I’m so glad to be a part of this wedding! Thank you so much Njioma!


Breathtaking!!! I can’t wait to see it all.

George Zorbas

My good friend Thanasis thank you so much!Your words make me very happy and the chance to work with you it’s unique!

My friend your work has totally gone to another level! Technically and above all emotionally… I’m seeing the trailer over & over again and my heart is beating like crazy!

George Zorbas

Vana thank you from the heart for everything and I mean everything..! You made our lives easier with your valuable assistance!
You are an amazing and a very cooperative person and I’m really glad to work with you.
Hope to be in other occasions too!

George, this is a true masterpiece! I am tearing up by just watching your work on this wedding. It is beyond magnificent, you are a true artist and have transported us to the heart of this couple’s story. Congratulations you deserve everything and more!