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Wedding In Antiparos Island, Greece

The wonder of you

There is no biggest acquisition in life than friends and family. What Crispin said shortly after he got joined with his beloved Margarita, perfectly reflects my attitude and will remain deeply engraved in my heart. People say that the more difficult it is to find true love, the easier it is to recognize it. Margarita and Crispin are the definition of true love and this is crystal clear the moment you meet them. They generously shared this love with me from our very first contact. They embraced me with warmth, they let me … invade their lives without second thought and gave me four unforgettable days in beautiful Antiparos. They trusted me with narrating the most important story of their life and I am grateful for it. The hearty joy, the love, the spontaneity and the beautiful madness of this couple made the day of their wedding a unique experience for everyone who participated! The adventure in Antiparos began with a lively cruise, full of this unique couple’s energy, continued with an idyllic beach party and culminated in the wedding, the most beautiful celebration of their life, which I had the chance to imprint in my lens.

The magical circle of Margarita and Crispin’s union was completed with a farewell drink at Force Blue, the joint of the “magician” of Formula 1 Flavio Briatore, where we shared thoughts, sensations and emotions for those four incredible days. Margarita and Crispin thank you for your trust and love! The time I spent with you was truly unique, since I gained more than I gave! I hope you have a happy, long-lasting marriage!