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Greek Wedding in Mykonos || My Happiness

Laura and Nik wedding is one of those weddings that teach you to appreciate what you have the moment you have it! When you marry the one you love surrounded by people you appreciate and who appreciate you, who give you nothing but love, you don’t care about anything else!
You can just relax, say “Fuck it”, and go on with what you have. Think I’m gonna enjoy myself no matter what.

Three days in Mykonos that started with a party by the sea, at Alemagou beach bar, with beer, booze, mezes, swimming, beach games. On the next day, we had a welcome drink at 180º Sunset Bar, taking in the breathtaking view of the town of Mykonos, the windmills and Little Venice from above, the picturesque alleys and the ships in the sea, going in and out of the port of this splendid island!
Laughs, drinks, chit-chat, dancing, kisses and hugs and, of course, Laura’s and Nikos’s moving speech that led us to the end of the night dancing and carefree.

Day three. THE day! The wedding was to start at 18:45 in the gorgeous church of Mykonos Star. I spent the morning with Laura and Nik. It was cloudy and all of a sudden, the storm broke. Those who know me, know that I love rain; and as you can see in the video, the couple loves it too! We had a beautiful morning laughing and joking about everything that could go wrong during the wedding, about how we would replace beach umbrellas with rain umbrellas. Our only worry was whether the umbrellas should be white or transparent. I’m pretty sure that the lovely team from The12Events didn’t find it as funny since they had prepared a very beautiful set up and now they had to come up with a solution. But, when you work with people you trust, you know that come what may, rain or snow, the result will be amazing.

Everybody knows that after the rain comes the sun, and so it did.
The skies cleared and there it was. That magnificent blue sky that can only be seen in Greece. The sun warmed us -maybe a bit too much, made us smile and saved us from having to change anything from what our bride had dreamed of! But something had started to change in us. This was a lesson. (This is one of the main reasons I love working in weddings; they teach us life lessons.) That no matter what, what matters is to keep having fun, to keep walking with your person, to make do with what life throws at you, not just survive but LIVE!

This is life and weddings are a miniature life!

A wild party followed at Principote Panormos Mykonos with all of us jumping around with joy like little children. Only with cigars and drinks.

Laura & Nick

Without rain nothing grows
Learn to embrace the storms in your life