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Wedding Bloomberg | Hydra - Greece

Laughs, teasing between friends and stories from the uni years, all the way until the wedding day.

How beautiful it is to have friends who have known you for so long! Who make fun of you and make you laugh. Who remind you not to take yourself too seriously. And then, it’s your turn to remind them stuff they have forgotten about you, maybe even more embarrassing than what they just said in front of everyone – friends and family! Two days in Hydra island where time has stopped in 1890. There are no cars, only horse-drawn carriages and donkeys that carry people and goods in the cobblestoned alleys and sea taxis waiting at the port to take you to a deserted beach where you can enjoy the sun and the sea!

Jennifer, the bride. What can I say that Tass hasn’t already said? There’s not much of it in the teaser but wait till you see the film! She has the brightest smile. A smile you can’t resist! Bright-eyed, with a captivating presence and a laugh that could melt even Scrooge’s heart. Tass, the groom. What can I say that his friends haven’t already said? The first time I saw him, he reminded me of Adrien Brody, the actor from The Pianist. But the happy version of him, a man whose life is falling into place perfectly! A man full of life, happy and with a brilliant sense of humor!

The first day began with us sailing around the island, enjoying our drinks – getting ready for the wedding day! It was an unforgettable day for all of us, especially for the couple! The ceremony was held on the roof of Hydra’s Historic Archives and Museum, a space that keeps the island’s history alive. Preparations were made in Hydrea hotel where everybody took their time and enjoyed themselves. We had a great time with the friends of the couple until it was time for the ceremony. The groom arrived there by boat while the bride walked around the port accompanied by her bridesmaids.

Everything was as it should be. Relaxed. In the moment. As if we were hanging out with friends. Maybe it’s one of the few weddings where the bride actually remembered everything after the ceremony was over (no déjà vu because of stress…). A day I enjoyed laughing with their jokes and their pleasant goofing around, their teasing and their partying! After the ceremony, we all went to Castello for the party. We couldn’t have asked for a better scenery. The setting sun painted the sky red, disappearing slowly into the blue sea. Pure magic.

Next morning I woke up with the sweet memory of Jenny and Tassos’ smiles as well as of all their friends and family. It was another wedding where the couple treated me as a friend! I was their friend and they were mine, we kept each other company (of course, they will keep me company for much more than two days since I have the video editing to do!)Thank you for these beautiful moments. I will always go back to these two days when I watch your wedding film. I hope you do too!


Jenny & Tas