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From the first time that I had the chance to be Abi’s and Christos’s cinematographer I was very excited and I’m really glad that i met them both and that I’ve been at their wedding. Abi & Chris are special kind of people with many virtues. An amazing couple with lots of love for each other and so much energy!!! Both of them and the people around them were very moved,happy and amusing! The respect that they had to everyone around them really impressed me. I really enjoyed every moment beside Abi & Christos and I felt very lucky because I had the chance to work with Friends. An excellent and very capable and cooperative wedding planner Vana Efkleidou (White Ribbon) who made everything possible. A good friend and photographer who I always excites me work with. Thanasis Kaiafas.

Abi and Chris thank you very much for everything! You are such beautiful people from inside and outside. Hope that you always are happy and loved!!!

Abi & Christos

I Love You