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Wedding in Athens from London

From London to Athens.
Friends, family and the happy couple, Myrsini and Nikos, gathered for a welcome drink at Thiseio the night before the wedding. The night was peaceful with lots of laughing and fun and from the very first moment, I felt very intimate, thanks to the love that Myrsini and Nikos gave me unconditionally.
The next day, “the big day”, the mood was very different. The groom’s brothers and friends and, to my surprise the groom too, sang together live for the guests! This was the signal that the party had started and everyone had a great time! In addition to the amazing party, what I will never forget was the love and heartfelt happiness with which all family and friends embraced the couple. In this moment, I realized that when you give love, you get love!

Nikos and Myrsini, thank you very much for all those great moments we had in Athens. You really made me feel a part of your loving and happy world. Thank you for your trust and the opportunity you gave me to do something unique for you that will follow you for life.
This is the teaser-trailer of your wedding, “Memories”. Wish you all the best and hope you enjoy it.

Mirsini & Nick