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Wedding in Kiawah island Charleston SC



Love… Happiness, smiles, passion, completion, tenderness, the anticipation of seeing and touching your person! I’d like to believe that all of us had been lucky enough to feel this way once in our lives. But, what happens when the first clouds appear on the horizon? This is where true love is different from infatuation. In a relationship, you must be ready to give, even without taking, be amenable, forget your ego, share; only then will you and your person come out of it stronger, and hopefully united!

Meaghen and Brett’s love is the kind of love that gets stronger and stronger despite any problems, that can overcome anything with a smile, like clear skies after a storm! This is the kind of love I’m talking about. I was lucky enough to be with them on such an important day and create a film that will keep them company forever! The trust that couples show me for this special day of their lives can’t compare to anything!

I spent eight unforgettable days in Kiawah Island, Charleston SC, among friends and colleagues! (The wedding didn’t last eight days of course…). I felt complete and I met with some of my friends that I don’t get to see often! I truly love my job and I’m thankful because it gave me friends all over the world!

It’s so nice to feel lucky!

Enjoy the Teaser for Meaghen and Brett’s film!