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Wedding In Poros Island, Greece

As soon as I arrived in Poros, a magical island a few hours away from Athens and started filming, I realized that I couldn’t stop because I had this beautiful feeling. It felt like being home. The first time I met Wasiliki and George in person was when they came to pick me up me at the port. I felt something different, a serenity, a warmth, a certainty that everything is going to be OK. And I’m not talking just about their wedding day but about our life’s journey. And I said to myself, we still have time. So that’s how the title of the movie and the whole idea hit me!

Wasiliki and George, what matters most in life is the person standing next to us, and I am very happy you have found each other. The love your parents and friends gave you is so strong, that for a moment I was lucky enough to feel your happiness too. Thank you for this wonderful experience! Be happy my loved ones!